When you’re looking for the perfect speaker,
I know you’re under a lot of pressure.

You want to find someone that has the right message,
great energy, and can connect with your attendees.

I get it.

Since 2003, I have been to hundreds and hundreds of conferences and have witnessed thousands of speakers. I have also booked dozens of speakers and held dozens of events. Sometimes the speaker can draw the audience in, motivate them to change, and leave them wanting more.

And frankly, some of the messages fall flat and leave attendees looking for the nearest exit.

The right speaker can make or break your event. This is true regardless of the stage or the venue. And if you’ve hosted events before you know what pressure I’m talking about. You might be familiar with that sinking feeling as you watch a speaker fail to connect with your audience. And, conversely, you know the goosebumps you feel when that speaker knocks it out of the park. Either way, you were responsible for bringing that person in.

And when they hit a home run…

Well…to put it simply, you feel heroic.

“Pete has a heart of gold.” – LaVonna

“Anyone that really wants to take it to the next level needs to hire Pete.”
– Danny

“I’ve never seen anyone care so much about making other people successful.” – Kevin

“Pete has genuine love and concern with where you’re at with your business…I’ve never seen that before…” – Chris

“Absolutely mind-blowing!” – Jeff


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