So, what is a Dream Stage?

A dream stage is not about the number of people in the audience, but rather about the quality of the audience. It’s a stage where the majority of people sitting in your audience are your ideal customers. Being able to identify and seek Dream Stages has been a total game-changer for both us as at AYR, as well as our clients.

Now, you may be wondering how you can identify your dream stage…we’ve got you covered. The first step is answering a few questions.

QUESTION #1: What problem do you solve?

This should be something that is keeping people up at night.

Hint: This ISN’T your solution.

Example: If you’re a health coach, a nutritional plan is part of your solution –not the problem. As a health coach, the problem you solve could be: trouble losing weight. Can’t you hear people saying “I’ve tried everything and nothing works! I can’t lose weight”.

It’s important to isolate the problem you solve because THAT is what people are looking for – and what will help you stand out to Meeting Planners, who directly or indirectly control stages.

QUESTION #2: Who do you serve?

Who do you solve this problem for? Busy working moms? Fortune 500 executives? Who are your ideal customers? What is your sweet spot?

QUESTION #3: Where do they gather?

Once you identify your audience, you figure out where they gather. Which events, conferences, and social gatherings do they attend? Where do they “gather” online? This may take some research, but if the previous two steps were done properly, the outcome will be you identifying your dream stages!

We’ve created a simple worksheet to help you answer these questions, you can download it here.

I remember the first dream stage I put a client on… they generated more business from that ONE stage than they had in the previous 12 months. Watch the video above for the complete story!

You see, there is nothing better than being on dream stages, and quite frankly, there’s nothing worse than being on the wrong stage. 70% of the success of an offer is matching the right offer with the right audience – this is true in any circumstance, stages are no different!


After you’ve defined your Dream Stages… it’s time to find them! And we have the resource for you! When you CLICK HERE to download our “Dream Stage Worksheet,” you also get access to our Ultimate Stage Guide. Instant Access to THOUSANDS of stages.

I can’t wait to hear all about YOUR Dream Stages… share in the comments below!


-Pete Vargas