When I entered into this market a few years ago and attended business events and conferences, I always wondered:

“Why are people so hard-core salesy on stage? Why are they forcing me to run to the back of the room to purchase their program?”

It felt so sleazy, that I felt like I needed a shower after these conferences! When I started speaking, I vowed that I would NEVER make an audience feel that way.

Now – I’m not saying that “selling” is bad or evil. In fact, if you have a product or service that helps people, it’s your job to get it in the hands of your audience. However, there’s a way to do that without being overly salesy. Watch the video for the full framework.

Tip #1: Know The Story Braid Framework

The first step is to use the Story Braid Framework. This should be the structure for each talk you give.

You start with the heart, then give them content by teaching their minds on what to do, give them a call to action (hands), and then close with the heart.

If you do not have access to the Story Braid Framework be sure to click here to download it!

Tip #2: Don’t Tease Them, TEACH Them

The #1 mistake “salesy” speakers make is they tease their audience. They don’t give any content away and teach, they tease how amazing their content is going to be…only if you pay. So their entire talk is just a sales pitch.

The better alternative is to TEACH them, and not tease them. You should teach them the methodology on what it takes for them to get results in their lives and being able to show them how to move a step in the right direction. Teaching them how to move to a more desirable state in their finances, businesses, relationships, wealth, or whichever niche you’re in.

Sooo how do you sell WHILE giving away your content?

Tip #3: Embed Throughout Your Presentation

As you’re teaching your content, EMBED two things throughout your presentation: case studies and stories.

You should embed case studies and stories of people using what you teach, and what their results were – be it in their business, relationships, finances, etc.

Once you embed these stories, the audience will want to go deeper with you, and it will NOT feel forced in any way. Rather than “dangling a carrot,” you will be perceived as offering a hand of help, and it will be up to them to take it or not.

This reminds me of one of our clients…

He didn’t want to be slimy, so he was reluctant to make an offer from stage.

We started working together, and we advised him to embed stories and case studies throughout his presentation. Once he made these changes, he converted an audience at 37% with a $5,500 offer – and he didn’t ONCE feel salesy through the entire process!

There was a quote by Tom Ziglar, who’s the son of Zig Ziglar. He said, “you have a moral obligation to have people go deeper with your products and services because your products and services are what’s going to change their lives.” You can do it from a place of not being salesy and sleazy – and you do this by teaching and not teasing.

You’ll also want to be following the Story Braid Framework to properly structure your presentation, and you’ll want to click here to download it.

So go out, and make it happen!

-Pete Vargas