Reach Accelerator Program

We put all our best tools into a
comprehensive program JUST for YOU!


3 Key workshops to build the entire Stage to Scale System…
EVERYTHING you need to grow YOUR business with stages.


Get all three workshops.

We are opening up the Advance Your Reach Accelerator Program to the general public and offering you a Free Accelerator Strategy Session with one of our certified coaches.

During this complimentary call, you’ll get a top down analysis of where you are in your speaking journey and the next best steps to grow your business and your impact.

You'll have the tools to make money immediately

With the Reach Accelerator Program, we give you access to all three of our transformational workshops, along with a ton of bonuses, for a significantly reduced price.


Your Signature Talk can change your community…the country…the entire world. But to do that, you need the right system and tools.

We are here to help you do that.

This never-before-offered, comprehensive program can support you and guide you every step of the way.

We’ve packaged our proven, best-selling workshops and digital courses into ONE program – and then on top of that added in an unprecedented level of support so you get the best results possible.

You won’t be walking the path alone. Our complete team – the who’s who of coaching, speaking, marketing, branding, copywriting, and business-scaling – will be YOUR team as we build your business TOGETHER.

The world’s BEST at growing businesses with stages will be with you every step of the way.


Your All-In-One Fast Track to
Grow YOUR Business With Stages

And so much more….

YOUR REACH Accelerator Program Includes


Imagine making 6-figures in sales in less than
an hour. That’s the power of the Stage.

Do you want to give a good presentation… or do you want to be amazing on stage?

Our Signature Talk Execution Workshop with Pat Quinn is our two-day intensive designed to raise the quality of your message to unprecedented heights.

Not only will you get 2 days DEDICATED to your Signature Talk, you will receive 6 months of ongoing coaching and support to refine and optimize your talk!


The Signature Talk is the Greatest Marketing Tool you have in your toolbox



If coaching speakers to be unforgettable on stage were an Olympic sport, Pat Quinn would win the Gold Medal. He is simply the best.

Ruben Gonzalez
“The Olympic Speaker”

We took content I was already good at and created a presentation that I could have never created without you. You have an uncanny way of putting sparkle on a presentation that converts. I really appreciate you. Thank you.

Shanda Sumpter
HeartCore Business

BIGGEST WIN so far was to lasso my story into meaningful messages and get a new site drafted in an afternoon! Woot! Thanks for making the story braid come to life! MY BIGGEST AHA was to realize the ways I could continue to impact people’s lives after the stage so we both win.

Kelly O’Brien


+PLUS Six-Months Post Workshop "On-Demand" coaching with Pat Quinn



YOUR REACH Accelerator Program Includes

The Stage Execution Workshop

The Stage Execution Workshop is a two-day jam-packed experience where
you will start winning stages DURING the workshop!


Instead of leaving with a «to-do» list... you leave with a «DONE» list.

What the Stage Execution Workshop Can Unlock for
YOUR Business:
Win Stages On-Demand!

  • Get inside the Mind of the Meeting Planner with live interviews featuring top event planners
  • Implement the same system that’s won dream stages in countless niches over the past fifteen years
  • Follow a Key Positioning checklist to develop all the collateral you need to make a ‘wow’ impression with event planners
  • Gain exclusive access to over 100,000 events through our Marketplace Lists
  • Find the right stages to make your message shine in front of the best audiences - and start winning stages at the workshop
  • Build the assets for the entire Unstoppable Stage Campaign from start to finish
  • Craft your Unstoppable Stage Campaign to start winning stages ‘on demand’

All of these pieces fit together to create a powerful recipe for growing your business through stages.

Does it work? We have tens of millions of reasons to say “Absolutely!”

Ask us how you can bring a team member to help you implement!


With a few hours left in 2018, we just passed $1M in revenue generated from stages this year! In 2017 we generated $0 from stages. $1M was our BIG goal in 2018.

Chandler Bolt

Entrepreneur & Speaker


YOUR REACH Accelerator Program Includes

The Scale Execution Workshop

This Twelve-Week Virtual Experience will Unlock Your Next Level of Business


SCALE EXECUTION WORKSHOP Without a product, your message can only go as far as you’re willing to travel and the impact will be fleeting. Creating a scaling product is duplicating your genius and increasing your opportunity for revenue and impact exponentially.

That’s where our Scale Execution Workshop gives you a
step-by-step plan for success.

Create your scaling product with efficiency and ease. Market your scaling product to your audience to collect leads. Convert leads into sales.  This is the same process our clients have used to generate tens of millions in sales over the past 15 years.

I’ve been speaking for 20 years. I’ve been a sports broadcaster and an entrepreneur, but this is the first time where I’ve had a real system and a methodology for what I’m doing and how to maximize what’s on the stage. I was just awoken to how much money I’ve probably left speaking on the stage and how I need to build the systems to monetize that stage. Absolutely mindblowing.
Frank Shamrock
UFC Middleweight Champion & Entrepreneur
I was told for 5 years that I needed to create a digital course. Pete helped me do it in ONE DAY. And that digital course now not only sells over 100 courses every single month, it’s impacting people every single day
Hal Elrod
Miracle Morning
I’m getting asked to be on incredible stages, but working through this workshop and your methodology, I’ve realized that I have left of tens of millions of dollars on the table over the last several years. “I’ve left 10’s of millions of dollars on the table, but not any longer.
John Ruhlin

Get ALL three workshops and AMAZING bonuses in ONE convenient package

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