Build a Predictable Stage-Booking System in Only 2 Days
EXECUTION - Not Excuses
Your business is your big dream built on lots of moving pieces. You know stages are a portal to a bigger business with more predictable income, but you don't know how to create the campaign to regularly win them. 

There's a reason you haven't done that yet. It's hard work. You get stuck. You don't know what to do next. Or you don't know how to make the time.
This is Why We Created the Stage Execution Workshop
The Stage Workshop is a 2-day intensive structured to get stuff done.  

You're not alone - each Workshop is for about 15 rockstars working on their same roadblock together with our team.

This process has been used to book 10's of thousands of stages and millions of dollars in stage-related products and services.

*Please note all dates and locations may change based on capacity and availability
This is not your ‘run of the mill' workshop.
This is you being handed the keys to the kingdom.
This is not another "event" where you leave with a long "to-do" list.
This is you building the system to predictably win stages. 
"I got done in 2 days what it would have taken me over a year to do on my own."
Leroy Chiao
NASA Astronaut and former 
International Space Station Commander
Ideal for:
Speakers, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants thought leaders, non-profits
and anyone who wants to leverage the power of the stage to grow their business.
Unstoppable Stage Campaign
The all-in-1 marketing campaign that's irresistible to meeting planners.
  • What does it take to create a "wow" impression with meeting planners? The Unstoppable Stage Campaign Execution Workshop will position you as a can't-miss speaker without hijacking your marketing budget. In just 2 days you will:
  •  Learn the best marketing practices for connecting with decision-makers;
  •  Build your entire campaign from start to finish
  •  Write an eye-popping Problem-Solving Letter;
  •  Design and order a prototype of your Speaker Box;
  •  Craft and practice your "Win/Win" Script to secure bigger and better stages;
  •  Put your fully installed and completely automated campaign into action for unbelievable results.
By the end of this event
You'll have your automated Stage Booking campaign installed, your copy written, your videos shot, and the confidence to approach and win any stage in your portfolio.
And more...
Access to Our Team
Praise for Stage Workshop
Hope Zvara
Doug Bishop
Dr. Keesha Yewers
Yahya Bakkar
Houston Kraft
Adrienne Richardson
Professional service businesses (doctors, lawyers, financial service, digital agencies, etc), consultants,
thought-leaders, & ecommerce businesses.
By the end of the event you will have your 3C Invisible
Influence Assets completed:
And more...
Most of the heavy lifting is already done for you, as the template and scripts will be given to you on a silver platter so you can simply customize the elements and have the process deployed in your business before you leave the room.
The Art of Lead Generation Difference
Many online and FB “experts” can't blow past a certain glass ceiling and can't ‘crack the code' of multi thousand percent ROI's for one very simple reason: they are focusing on the tip of the iceberg – the tactical and technical elements of lead generation (what type of ad to run, how to properly bid for a desired result, targeting strategies, etc.). Not to say that these aren't important, but it can only get you so far.

The true power is what's happening beneath the surface. Not just the tactical elements, but the deep underlying strategy of social influence and specifically what I call Contextual Congruence.

Facebook Advertising without my Contextual CongruenceTM strategy — is a waste of time that leads to frustration, and is the reason most other people are only getting 3:1 return on investments at best.
Do I Qualify?
Here are the basic requirements to be considered for the workshop
  •  You need to be ready to speak on stages
  • The workshop will give you the complete system to win a lot of stages.  If you are not ready to win and speak on those stages then this workshop may not be for you.  It is not uncommon to get booked on stages while at the workshop
  •  You are ready to take action
  • There are literally hundreds of stages at your fingertips if you're ready to take action. The quickest way to grow your speaking business is using what we call "champions" - people that believe in your message and are willing to help you.   
  •  You are prepared to invest in yourself and your business.
  • You can spend years learning this on your own or you can come join us for 2 days and get it done.  We don't let you get stuck (that's why we have a copy writer, and a funnel hacker, and a videographer) so you can work together and get it done. Think of how much time and money you'll save by getting it all knocked out in 1 2-day swoop.  
  •  You are a hard worker
  • Here's the deal - we give our all at the workshop. At the end of 2 days you're going to be exhausted, my team is going to be exhausted, and you may not want to see us again for awhile. :) So, while you're there you need to be committed to doing the work and leveraging the team that is there to help you.
Build a Complete Marketing Machine in Just 2 Days
Secure your seat early as 21 consecutive workshops have sold out
Colorado Springs, CO
March 15th - 16th, 2018

Colorado Springs, CO
April 19th -
20th, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO
June 14th -
15th, 2018

Colorado Springs, CO
June 21st -
22nd, 2018

Colorado Springs, CO
August 6th -
7th, 2018

Denver, CO
September 6th - 
7th, 2018

Denver, CO
October 4th -
5th, 2018

Denver, CO
November 29th - 30th, 2018

Denver, CO
December 20 - 21st, 2018

Denver, CO
January 10th -
11th, 2019

Denver, CO
January 24th - 25th, 2019

Denver, CO
February 20 - 21st, 2019

Denver, CO
March 21st - 22nd, 2019

Denver, CO
April 18th -
19th, 2019

Denver, CO
July 25th -
26th, 2019

  •  How long is the workshop?
  • All workshops are done over 2 days. Fly in the night before, participate in 2 full days of actionable teaching and workshopping. 
  •  How many people are at each workshop?
  • The optimal number of attendees is between 12-15. This allows our team to adequately attend to each attendee.  
  •  Will I get results from attending this workshop?
  • You will get out of the workshop what you put into the workshop. We are there to teach and coach, and there are multiple times where you can take what you learned and put it into action. It is very common for workshop attendees to get booked on stages at the workshop (which is insanely cool).
  •  How do I know if I'm the right fit for the workshop?
  • Workshop attendance is by application only. Not everyone will qualify, and by filling out the application we can help determine if this is a great fit.
  •  What if budgets are an issue?
  • If you don't have the budget to invest in a system that will help you win stages, then that might mean this is not a good fit for you. Most people who attend only need to book 1 stage to get ROI.
  •  What makes this different than other events?
  • First of all, this is NOT an event. It is a workshop with a small group of growth-minded people where you get things done in your business. You are not leaving with a checklist of things to do, you are leaving with a checklist 
  •  How can I best prepare?
  • Once you sign up for the workshop we will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of the workshop, before you even show up.
  •  Can I just build out the campaign myself?
  • Sure you can. But in our experience it takes 6-12 months for most people to build out this campaign in their business. We provide the team that helps you get it done in 2 days. 
  •  I have some more questions and need to find out more information.
  • No problem! Call us during office hours (8am-5pm Mountain) at +1.719.452.8988 or email Daniel and we'll take care of you!
  •  Still have more questions?
  • Click here to view our informational brochure. 
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