Stages ARE YOUR Secret Weapon For Faster and More Predictable Business Growth

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to build
anything – a business, a movement, or a ministry
– comes through speaking on stages.


Whether keynoting for cash, or speaking with the intent of selling something from the stage,

I’ve not found a safer, faster, easier low/no-cost way to generate anything from a few thousand dollars to well over seven-figures in 30 to 90 minutes.

If I had no money and no contacts, this is the vehicle I would choose to create a substantial income from scratch.

Roland Frasier


You can build your reputation quickly and meet your first customers, clients, or even fans, just going out and talking to people.

Many of your favorite experts got their start this way, but this method isn’t just for speakers or celebrities…

Regular folks use it too: consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, you name it.

And while everybody assumes you need fancy technology to get your name out there, the truth is that people have been doing it for centuries.

Socrates became known at public debates and talking to strangers in the street!

We’ve used stages to increase revenue and impact for over 15 years. We’ve tested and optimized so you don’t have to.

Let us help you grow your business and increase your impact. We’ve helped thousands of our clients book almost 50,000 stages and generate millions – and we are ready to help you. Whether that means crafting the perfect Signature Talk, finding the most desirable stages to speak on, or building your perfect product suite with offers that have your audience clamouring to buy.

AND there are multiple ways
for you to work with us!

If you want to “go faster” and get our help implementing this system in your business - one of our “done-with-you” workshops is the PERFECT place to start! Instead of a "to-do" list, you leave with a "done" list!

If you’re interested in more “do-it-yourself” services, our digital course is the right choice for you!

Advance Your Reach is ready to support you!
Check out our most popular services below.

The Signature Talk Execution Workshop

YOUR Path To Crafting
A High-Converting Signature Talk

Your Signature Talk Is the single GREATEST marketing tool in your toolbelt. In other words… YOU are one Signature Talk away from transforming your business.

That’s why we want to personally invite you to our upcoming Signature Talk Execution Workshop. This two-day experience is all about crafting YOUR Story.

We focus completely on building out your High-Converting Signature Talk. We will help you craft an amazing presentation that converts EVERY TIME!

This isn’t a theory driven event. You will walk away with your signature talk – CREATED.

The Stage Execution Workshop

The Fastest Way To Grow YOUR Business

With our System we have directly won over 25,000 Stages and since 2018 our students have won almost 50,000! Now, It’s time to Put It to Work for YOUR Business.

The Stage Execution Workshop is a two-day, jam-packed experience – walk away with our complete “Stages On-Demand” system implemented in your business. This is THE system that will win the RIGHT stages so you’re in front of the RIGHT audience that will be ready to go deeper with you!

Build your Stage Marketing Toolbox with over 25 of our exclusive positioning and marketing tools (emails, scripts, templates, and more).

When you’re ready for the fastest way to build your revenues while increasing your impact, the Stage Execution Workshop is for you.

Inside, we focus COMPLETELY on how to win when it comes to stages. Our team is here to help you. We have a Dream Team of specialists who dedicate their time to help you start winning stages right away.

You’ll build all the assets for your own “Unstoppable Stage Campaign,” so you are essentially winning stages on demand.

On Day One we BUILD out everything you need to start winning stages, and then, we WIN stages on Day Two.

The Scale Execution Workshop

Your All-In-One Solution To Grow YOUR Business With Stages QUICKLY

In this 12-week virtual workshop, you will build your perfect scaling product with our step-by-step process. Whether it’s your first product or your twentieth, we will be there every step of the way.

This is the same process our clients have used to generate tens of millions in sales over the past 15 years.

Without a product, your message can only go as far as you’re willing to travel and the impact will be fleeting. Creating a scaling product will duplicate your genius and increase your opportunity for revenue and impact exponentially.

That’s where our Scale Execution Workshop gives you a step-by-step plan for success to GO FROM ZERO TO LAUNCH IN 12 WEEKS!

Reach Accelerator Program

This Is YOUR PhD in Stages...
but for a Lot Less Than You
Would Pay for an Actual Degree.

(And you can start making money immediately).

With the Reach Accelerator Program, you get ALL three of our transformational workshops, along with a ton of bonuses, for a significantly reduced investment.


It can change your community… the country… the entire world. 
We are here to help you do that.

This never-before-offered, comprehensive program can support you and guide you every step of the way.

We’ve packaged our proven, best-selling workshops and digital courses all into ONE program – and then on top of that added in an unprecedented level of support so you get the best results possible.

You won’t be walking the path alone. Our complete team – the who’s who of coaching, speaking, marketing, branding, copywriting, and business-scaling will be YOUR team as we build your business TOGETHER.

The world’s BEST at growing businesses with stages will be with you every step of the way.

The Stage To Scale Digital Course

Our FULL Stage To Scale System,
Set Up For YOU To Complete Online

Can’t attend a live workshop? No problem!

You can get our COMPLETE system inside our digital course: Stage to Scale. This is the next best thing to working alongside our team.

Let’s face it – You Want a Faster Way To Grow Both Your Profits and Your Reputation As a Leading Expert.

You can bypass years of burnout and “hoping” to get noticed… and instead, quickly make a name for yourself and start finally getting paid what you’re really worth.

This method has other perks too:

At the end of the day, people decide to follow you because they like you. Because they trust you. Because you have CREATED a relationship with them.

Private VIP Days To Accelerate YOUR Growth

(By Application Only)

Accelerate the learning curve of the ENTIRE Advance Your Reach Process for you AND your team by working on the MOST critical stages, perfecting your signature talk and refining your offers so you can double or even triple next quarter’s revenue!

This exclusive offering is custom designed for high performance teams who LOVE to “go fast” in an upward direction.

We offer half day and whole day VIP experiences… in person at your company’s location or at our private headquarters… or we can do it virtually for convenience and speed.

By Application Only / Limited Availability.

Join The Elite Speaker Network

(By Application Only)

The Elite Speaker Network is our highly regarded, curated
Speaker Network for the TOP vetted Speakers.

ESN offers you the rocket fuel to share your gifts on some of
the world’s best stages. This is an invite-only program that
opens once a year.