The STAGE Execution Workshop

The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business

Our System Has led us to victory on over 25,000 Stages. Now, Put it to work for your business.

The Stage Execution Workshop is a two-day, jam-packed experience – walk away with our complete “Stages On-Demand” system implemented in your business.

Build your Stage Marketing Toolbox with over 25 of our positioning and marketing tools (emails, scripts, templates, and more).

Inside, we focus COMPLETELY on how to win stages. You will build all the assets for your own “Unstoppable Stage Campaign,” so you are essentially winning stages on demand. On Day One we BUILD out everything you need to start winning stages, and then, we WIN stages on Day Two.

Our team will be here to help you. We have a Dream Team of specialists who dedicate their time to help you start winning stages right away.

The Fastest Way To Grow Your Business


Three key steps to growing your business
through speaking. Each step is crucial, but
without the Stage, nothing happens.

Imagine six-figures or even a million dollars
in sales in less than an hour.

That’s the power of a Stage. Are you in?

You have a million-dollar opportunity for
growing your business

(And that is just scratching the surface of 
what is possible).

You have something powerful to share. It’s also why I 
personally spent more than 15 years booking over 25,000 stages with tens of millions in revenues. Since we shared 
our system with the market in 2018, our students have 
collectively booked almost 50,000 stages.

In short, our system works.

From podcasts to paid keynotes, breakout sessions to 
digital summits, the opportunities are endless for you to 
connect your story with audiences who NEED what you’re 
sharing. And we can help you win them!

Several of our clients have already reached the seven-figure 
mark from winning stages. It’s the same framework we 
used to build Advance Your Reach from $0 to multi-seven-figure success in under 3 years.

What the Stage Execution Workshop
Can Unlock for YOUR Business

The stage execution workshop is a two-day jam-packed experience where you 
can start winning stages during the workshop!

We cover a wide range of stage-winning tactics and secrets, such as:

  • Get inside the Mind of the Meeting Planner with live interviews
    featuring top event planners
  • Implement the same system that’s won over 25,000 stages for
    speakers of diverse backgrounds and been perfected since 2003
  • Follow a Key Positioning checklist to develop all the collateral
    you need to make a ‘wow’ impression with event planners
  • Gain exclusive access to over 100,000 events through our
    Marketplace Lists
  • Find the right stages to make your message shine in front of
    the best audiences – and start winning stages at the workshop
  • Build the assets for the entire Unstoppable Stage Campaign
    from start to finish and start winning stages ‘on demand’

A Powerful Framework to
WIN Stages On-Demand

Does it work? We have millions of reasons to say 

  • WIN
  • MIND
  • KNOW
  • FIND

Our Unstoppable Stage Campaign is designed to ‘wow’ any 
meeting planner. Winning Stages ‘on demand’ may sound unbelievable… until you see how our campaign works.


Can You Win Stages
“On Demand?”

What are other speakers doing to try and win stages? Sending an email. Boo. Meeting planners have jam-packed inboxes –
they want something fresh and exciting from speakers!
That’s where our approach of using FIVE different mediums
beats email-only speakers all day, everyday. It starts with the
main value piece: our Speaker Box.

Choose YOUR Own
Stage-Winning Style


Our Unstoppable Stage Campaign is designed with your
schedule, industry, and audience in mind. If you’re just
starting with stages, we’ll show you the 1-2 punch of
finding which pieces, templates, and scripts are the right
fit for your business. This means less choice paralysis and more stages won with your 1-2 punch.

You can choose how many stages you want to engage
with and actively try to book. The only limitations are
whatever your goals, conversion rate, and availability are.
The choice is yours: how busy do you want to be with
building your business through stages?

What YOU Can Expect With
The Stage Execution Workshop

Our team at Advance Your Reach hosted dozens of Stage Execution Workshops in the last several years. Our workshop experience is a streamlined process from your first conversation to the time you head home after our two days together.

It starts with our pre-work process. All attendees complete our simple Pre-Work Questionnaire. We cover every detail we can think of so our on-site concierges start serving you before you even arrive.

Our team does all the preparations for you to arrive at our featured workshop location with a beautiful view of Colorado.

Our Team Of Specialists Is Ready For You



Our team of copywriters help you position your message across all your Stage materials.



On-site and ready to coach you through key videos so you can capture the attention of meeting planners.



Seamlessly brand your positioning pieces.


Direct mail Design and Fulfillment

Make an impression with your direct mail strategy.


Systems and Operation Direction

Get the most out of the systems you are working with.


Professional Photographer

We’ll get your good side!



People often get stuck here! Our team will help you find the right stages for you!


Strategy Coach

Our coaches and experts are here to help you create your success!


On-site Concierge

First-class experience and care with our on-site (and off-site) team!

This isn’t a solo mission; you will be working alongside other speakers building their own campaigns with our
Advance Your Reach team. You will have the support you need to get your marketing in place with stages.

We hit the ground running with Day One:


Building YOUR Stage-winning Toolbox

Our workshop experience is a streamlined process from your first conversation to the time you head home after our two days together. It starts with our pre-work process. All attendees complete our simple Pre-Work Questionnaire. We cover every detail we can think of so our on-site concierges start serving you before you even arrive.

Day One Of Build Will Give YOU A Massive
Kickstart On Winning Your Next Stage

Speaker Kit


Your customized six-to-eight page PDF with high-quality photos, irresistible design, and can’t-miss marketing copy that will capture any Meeting Planner’s attention.

Why Me video

Your main attention-capturing video to connect with meeting planners. We create your script with you, coach you, and provide teleprompter support so you can WOW Meeting Planners!


Don’t have a great headshot or need to update yours? No problem! You’ll have a 1-on-1 photoshoot with our renowned photographer.

Done-With-You Research

The opportunity for stages is so great, that it can sometimes be paralyzing! We often hear: What stages are right for me? Where do I start? In this segment, we will help you create your custom research plan (and get you on the road to winning stages!)

Next we jump into Day Two:


We dive into the exact process and conversations you need to 
have to show meeting planners you’re serious about winning their stages. We show you our Unstoppable Stage Campaign, 
the same process we followed to generate over $100M in revenue from stages over the past 15 years (and help you 
implement it).

Can you really win stages at this workshop? Absolutely! We will show you our simple, proven way to book stages fast. 
There were over 30 stages booked on-site at one of our recent workshops.

BUILD first, WIN next, and watch your business grow like never before with Stages. If you want a “Get stuff done” experience, do yourself a favor and sign up for an upcoming Stage Execution Workshop.




I’ve put a lot of time and money 
into growing my business over 
the years and I have to 
say by far this workshop is the 
best investment I have made  in 
my business.

Adrienne Richardson


As a solo entrepreneur, it is hard 
to get things done in your 
business. The thing I love 
about this workshop is that 
there is a TEAM that in two days 
helps you get things 
knocked out and complete.

LaVonna Roth

Ignite your S.H.I.N.E


I took Pete Vargas’s workshop 
last fall. I sent out my first 7
Speaker Kits targeting
keynotes – I have signed 5 of 7…
All of them at 3x my old
speaking fee. I could not be
happier or more impressed with
his methodology! Thanks Pete!

Kirk Drake

Credit Union 2.0


As opposed to a lot of other workshops I’ve gone to, the Stage
Execution Workshop is a system and its structure. Pete lays out from A 
to Z how to identify the right stages that you need to get on them and 
strategies for getting a hold of event planners and organizers. If you’d 
like to figure out how to get on bigger, better, more strategic, and more targeted stages, this is for you.

bayer (1)

David Bayer

The Powerful Living

Want Us to Find 10 Stages JUST for YOU?

While we are not opening up this workshop to the general public at this time, we are offering you a Free Stage Execution strategy session with one of our certified coaches to see if this is right for you – and BONUS – get 10 custom picked stages, just for you. 

During this complimentary call, you will get support to find 10 new and ideal stages for you to speak on. We will also use a brief period of time to answer any questions you have about the Stage Execution Workshop.