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Powerful Speaking Techniques From Three World-Class Talks

When we watch outstanding public speakers do what they do best, it often seems that most of what they do comes quite naturally and effortlessly. In actuality, even the most gifted public speakers are extremely practiced in techniques that all speakers, from beginners to pros, can benefit from. In this post we’ll examine 3 particularly …


Storytelling Secret Weapons – How To Create A BHAG

BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It represents the impact you want to make on the world through your business. It’s the future that you are manufacturing day by day with the work you’re doing.


Storytelling Secret Weapons – A Proprietary Process

Your proprietary process is your “secret recipe” for how you get results for your customer. It’s a narrative for you to communicate the “what” and “how” behind the results you bring people.