Your Signature Talk.

The greatest marketing tool in your toolbox. Why?

You can use this SAME talk on ALL platforms – including online and offline stages.

It was just ONE great Signature Talk that helped us go from zero to seven figures at AYR. And we STILL use this Talk.

A while ago, I was talking with a pretty well-known entrepreneur (you would probably recognize her name). She was sharing how she LOVED speaking–that she loved connecting with people in person, but she didn’t do it often.

“Pete, the reason why I don’t speak is because of the creative energy that I have to do every single time that I get invited to a new stage, I have to come up with another talk.”

A new talk is a lot of work. My friend Todd Herman said he thought it was 40 – 50 hours of work.

If you want to use stages as a consistent, reliable customer acquisition channel, you need more time ON stages and less type prepping for stages.

Having ONE great Signature Talk using the Story Braid Framework.

Back to my friend… I shared our Story Braid Framework with her and how ONE great Signature Talk is all she needs. And it’s all you need as well.

She said, “Wow, I’ve never done it that way. And you’re absolutely right.”

What about you?

Do you have ONE Great Signature Talk dialed in?

Watch our video above for the complete 4-part Story Braid Framework (and CLICK HERE to download it).

AND… I have a gift for you…

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-Pete Vargas