Don’t we all want to get on PAID stages?

I just recently heard one of our clients talk about how they offered Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), $750,000 to speak on their stage.

This is higher than former Presidents of the United States of America – they make about a quarter of a million dollars to speak on a stage.

There are advantages to paid stages, and we here at Advance Your Reach hope your keynote fees continue to increase as you progress in your career.

At the same time, what if I told you there’s a “hidden power” in free stages? One that is so powerful that can even make them more valuable than paid stages? That’s what today’s post is all about. The power of free stages, and the situations where it makes sense to get on them.

Situation #1 – When You’re Getting Started

Not only are free stages a “good idea” when you’re just getting started, but they are most likely a necessity for most people. There are people who do a 90-day challenge, which I highly encourage you to do as well. This “challenge” means you strive to get on as many free stages as possible within the next 90 days.

Beginners just getting started will gain some credibility in the marketplace, and this serves as your opportunity to do so. In addition, you’ll be gaining experience and feedback within the process, which is extremely valuable for any speaker – paid or not.

Situation #2 – Having Powerful Associations Around You

If I’m given the opportunity to be on a stage with other influential people, I would take that stage in a heartbeat – paid or not. If your audience sees you on stage with other experts, they automatically assume you’re an expert as well. When you can associate yourself without other powerful names, it elevates your position in the market, and going on stage for free becomes WELL worth it.

You’ll be able to say the names of who you shared the stage with when conveying your credibility, you can get incredible footage, and you can even get testimonials. In addition, we’ve had several cases where “big name” celebrities have decided to work with us after being on stage with them, which leads me to my next point…

Situation #3 – Having an Audience of Potential Buyers

I saved the best for last because this is the most important bucket of free stages. If the majority of the people in the audience could potentially buy your products and services, it’s a complete no brainer to take a free stage.

The same thing holds true for the keynote speakers out there who make their living off of keynote fees. In fact, if I was a keynote speaker and the majority of my audience could purchase my products and services, I would take a free stage over a $25,000 keynote fee any day.

Why would I do something crazy like that?

Because often, the value of the audience investing in your products and services is a LOT more valuable than just the keynote fee itself. Many of my free stages have made more money than former Presidents of the United States, who usually get paid $250,000 or more for a talk.

Therefore, I urge you to never “knock” the free stage OR think it’s beneath you.

Want to know the different TYPES of free stages you can get on?

Download our Stage Matrix here, where you’ll discover the 80 types of stages you can land – including those that are free.

So go out, and get on those free stages!

They may be even more valuable than a 5-figure keynote fee…

-Pete Vargas

PS. I can’t wait to hear from you…how are you using free stages in your business?