Today, you’re in for a treat…

You get 5 actionable tips on how YOU can win stages in 2020. 

These are field-tested, proven, and CURRENT strategies we’ve been using over the past year…and we know they can work for you! 

These tips apply to ALL stages, no matter your niche or industry. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • The first thing you MUST have before you try to win stages
  • The #1 medium you MUST use to stand out to meeting planners (hint: adds the element of human interaction)
  • How to win over meeting planners 
  • When you should be willing to lower your fees (and how to keep your price integrity)
  • The BEST strategy we found to reach out to meeting planners that works like magic (hint: almost NOBODY does this!)
  • Where to go to connect with dozens of meeting planners

So…what do you do now? 

1st: If you haven’t watched the video above – watch it now. It gives you 5 actionable strategies to land stages VERY soon!

2nd: Go to REACH Live 2020! Towards the end, we mention how you can join REACH Live 2020 at a discounted price and surround yourself with DOZENS of the world’s top meeting planners…Click here to grab your tickets! 

It’s time for YOU to go win a stage! Let us know about your experience. 

Your Message Matters,