You might already know we are “all about stages” at Advance Your Reach.

BUT do you know why?

It is not to be “business famous” – though there is nothing wrong with that.

It is because time and time again, we have seen it be the most effective and consistent customer acquisition channel. Over countless niches. Since 2003.

Want more proof? Here are our top 3 reasons why stages are the FASTEST, most dependable way to grow your business.

Reason #1: Stages are Timeless: They Have Been Around Longer Than Any Other Marketing Channel

Stages have been here for over 2000 years, and they are here to stay! From the ancient Greeks and the apostles in the Bible to people like Steve Jobs and Todd Herman today. Stages have launched movements and businesses.

There are countless “trendy” marketing mediums that come and go – remember the yellow pages, radio, TV, faxes, cold-calling? Today the “hot” way to grow your business is through Facebook and Instagram. I’m not saying Facebook is going anywhere – but it grows more and more competitive by the day.

On any given day, there are multiple stages in a 50-mile radius from your house that can help you grow your business. No complicated sales funnel. No tech team. Just you, on a stage.

Reason #2: People Are Far More Likely to Pay Attention to You On Stage

Online, people are being bombarded with distractions such as emails, RSS feeds, push notifications, a dozen open tabs… the list goes on. It is HARD to break through the noise. No one is paying attention to you. 

If you put an hour worth of content out online, it might take a person 6, 12 months, maybe two years to consume an hour worth of your content – but when you’re in a room with a captive audience and you present for one hour, they’re consuming ONE HOUR of content in ONE HOUR. Do you realize how powerful that is?

Reason #3: Human Connection and Trust

Being on stage has a certain element of human connection and trust that no online platform will ever have the capability to replicate. It’s the reason people still attend conferences, events, and concerts despite the ability to watch a recording. Human connection in a physical room builds trust with your audience and because of that…

Each lead you get from a stage is worth more… as my friend Jeff Walker says: The value of a lead from stage is 10 times greater than any lead that you can get online.”

Leads from stage convert higher. I’ve seen this in our business, in the businesses of our clients and many of my friends have said as much.

Having a systematic, reliable way to acquire customers is a cornerstone of a successful business. If you’re interested in using stages, we can help!

So… what do you do now?

1st: If you haven’t watched the video above – watch it now. I share how even I got distracted by “bright shiny marketing trends” – and how we recovered and grew faster than I imagined. And I share a bonus 4th reason stages are the fastest way to grow your business. 

2nd: Download the Ultimate Stage Guide – instant access to thousands of stages. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

3rd: Find 3 “Dream Stages” in the guide – stages that you want to be on in the next year, and let us know what they are in the comments below!