Yep, you read that right.

YOU can win a stage by this weekend! Or even FASTER.

Whether you’ve been on no stages or 500 stages (or more) – or anywhere in between, this process will work for you.

In the video above, I break down the 4 steps to winning a stage by this weekend. There are times for a more complex campaign to win a stage, and there are times to book the low hanging fruit. This process is how we book “low hanging fruit” each and every week.

We’ve seen that people get really stuck in the research phase – this simple process will get you unstuck and ON STAGE.

Step 1: Find 5-10 Stages You’d Like to Be On

This isn’t the time to go after Oprah or the White House. This is the time to go after lower stake stages – think about local stages in your backyard or podcasts.

The secret is to simply use Google.

Simply use your particular niche as a keyword in your search. Some examples of terms you may search are:

“Top health and wellness podcasts”

“Top entrepreneurial stages”

“Top faith-based podcasts”

Now – there is an alternative strategy if you want to bypass Google and make your chances of success even greater, and it will shortcut your success.

It’s something I do every month, and it involves identifying a champion. A champion is someone who’s in your network of people you know who believes in what you do.

A champion can be a past or current client, colleague, or strategic partner or a someone’s Stage you have already been on.

Think customers, donors, subscribers, raving fans, mastermind groups, past stages, social networks, board members, associations you’re apart of, professional clubs, online groups or forums, bloggers, podcasters, authors, experts you know.

Make a list of your champions and reach out to a particular champion over the phone, let them know what type of stages you’d like to be on, and see if they know any stages you can be on. Every month we get 10 to 20 new stages based off of this strategy alone!

Step 2: Download Our Stage Winning Video Script (Normally Only Reserved for Workshop Attendees)

The next thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to download our “Stage Winning” script. Normally, we only share this with attendees that come to our $9,800 workshop that we put on every single month for about 20 business owners. But we are sharing it with you today!

Click here to download it now!

You’ll see there are six parts to this video script. Using video is one of the most powerful ways to get people’s attention because you connect with them on a deeper level AND they can see you in action.

Step 3: Download This Incredible Tool! (Link Provided)

I’d like to introduce you to this incredible tool called “BombBomb.”

It’s one of the many tools we use, but it’s also one of the most used and most effective of them all.

It allows you to record a video and send it via email to a meeting planner automatically. This saves the time of uploading it to YouTube or Dropbox and even tracks email statistics such as open rates.

You can go to, and get a two week trial for free. No credit card needed.

Step 4: Record a BombBomb Video Using the Script Provided!

Here’s where all the “pieces of the puzzle” come together.

Take the script we provided to you in Step 2, and shoot a BombBomb video to the 5-10 stages that you found in Step 1!

Keep these videos under 2 minutes.

I shoot about a thousand BombBomb videos a year.

A thousand BombBomb videos a year, and it’s the tool that I use every single month. It can work for you too!

Watch the video to see how I used this script to win Debbie Phelps’s stage (yep! Michael Phelps’s mom!)

And now… It’s your turn!

Here’s your challenge: Use this process to win a stage by this weekend! Then rinse-and-repeat.

And SHARE YOUR WINS! Let us know in the comments how this worked for you!


-Pete Vargas