Back when we started to Advance Your Reach a few years ago, I attended a conference and knew absolutely nobody.

I decided that I was going to host a little mastermind in my hotel room, and I invited about 15 people who I wanted to meet.

The result?

A few of those people are some of my closest friends today – and I’m still connected to everyone who came! This snowballed into countless introductions and connections made, as well as many partners we’ve made for our business.

My team pushed me to share HOW I’ve done this, and so I spent time reflecting…and realized there are 3 Key things we do – the WIN Framework.

Next week is the anniversary of that first gathering in my hotel room and it HAS snowballed. A friend I met at that event 4 years ago and I are hosting our 3rd annual party at that same event – over 100 of the top influencers are going to be there. So this was the PERFECT time to share our WIN Framework with you.



Identify Who You Want to Connect With

Identify who you want to connect with. Write down a list of 5 to 10 people you’d like to connect with.

Identify their “win.”

What does that mean?

What helps them win in life?

What helps them win in their business?

What helps them win in their marriage?

What helps them win with their families?

Do they want to be on a stage?

Do they want to be connected to somebody?

Do they need help with something?

Do they need help with something?


What is their win? That’s what connection boils down to.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

N – Nurture

The initial “investment” is easy. It’s a great start, but you can’t stop there. How can you nurture this relationship?

Nurture them by checking in on them, sending them gifts during special occasions, or just simply pinging them.

Doing this on a consistent basis is really the secret to building long-term relationships that stick!

Download this week’s worksheet (no opt-in required). Watch this week’s video for the complete WIN framework and put it into action! I can’t wait to see what you experience. Let me know in the comments below.