It’s hard to believe we are right around the corner from a new year. It’s astonishing how quickly time rolls by and before you know it, December is in front of you and you haven’t even considered what your goals and projects will be for the next year. Today, as I write this, it’s the month of September, and my team is meeting together right now to discuss the new year. Next week, my wife and I will go away for the weekend to really focus on what this year holds for us and to establish what our priorities will be as a family.

Are you getting ready for the new year? I want you to succeed in 2024, but you’ve got to be ready with your head in the game as you approach January 1. The last thing you want to do is stumble into the new year and take the first entire quarter of the year trying to get your plan together. Do it now! Schedule your Q4 Planning to wrap up the year and get clear on our goals and priorities for 2024. Don’t procrastinate!

Here are 5 areas that my wife and I plan together, and I think this will really help you as well.

#1 Plan For Your Business

What are my financial goals? In what new ways will we expand? Where are my priorities?

#2 Plan For Your Faith

How will we challenge ourselves and grow in our faith and relationship with God?

#3 Plan For Your Relationships

How will we strengthen and enjoy our relationships with one another, our family, and with our friends?

#4 Plan For Your Health

How will we invest in our physical and emotional health so we can thrive?

#5 Plan For Your Finances

How can we multiply our resources to be a greater blessing and to impact others with generosity?

Success will not just happen to you. You have to be diligent and prepare for what you want to see happen in your life and business. 

Here in this Backstage Blog, we have one goal and that is to get you on stages, where you can share your message and see your business multiply. One way we do that is by helping you become a world-class communicator. We want to get you ready to share your message and present your ideas to the world!

Recently, I had a conversation with one of my mentors and friends, Erwin McManus. Erwin is truly a genius and a master communicator and I’m so excited to pass on to you, today, what I gleaned from our time together.

Through Erwin’s personal process, he was able to identify 7 frequency types that flow through human communication: motivator, challenger, commander, healer, professor, seer and maven. Each frequency has a positive and negative side, and people can embody multiple frequencies.

According to Erwin, when we understand these frequencies (and their negative or “shadow” expressions) we can enhance our communication skills and reach our full potential.

Here are just three of Erwin McManus’ frequency types:


The Motivator frequency brings energy and infuses self-belief. They love to encourage and inspire and usually will not tell you what you’re doing wrong. Their dominant belief is that people need to realize that they matter.

The shadow frequency of the motivator is that they can become the performer. Although their desire is to motivate, if they are not in a positive, authentic state, they begin to perform for the room. As a motivator, you’re operating in a positive frequency when your focus is on what you can do for the room and you can slip into the shadow frequency when your focus is on what the room can do for you.


The Challenger frequency brings courage and awakens calling. The challenger is the person who’s the confronter – the persuader. They’re the person that feels like they have to disrupt the status quo of your life. People listen to challengers because they inspire them to be more and to do more. The challenger is the one telling you that you owe yourself more and it’s almost like you feel yourself growing muscles just by listening to them. You know you’re a challenger when people look to you to raise the standard. Challengers are powerful, so the shadow frequency is that they can also be manipulators. When the energy is focused toward themselves, they begin to manipulate people to do what they need or want people to do, and what serves them best.


The Commander frequency brings confidence and offers direction. A commander will tell you what to do without realizing that they are commanding. They command in the simple things of life, like at home and in their relationships – not just on stage. What’s interesting is that people actually do what they say. You know you’re a commander when people assume you’re supposed to be in charge. The drive of a commander is to move people to action. A healthy commander frequency establishes a layer of trust. People are willing to do what you tell them,  because they trust you know what needs to be done. A commander brings clarity when people are cloudy. Sometimes a person doesn’t need options, they need clarity on how to move forward. The shadow frequency of a commander is a dictator. When a commander is focused inward they become dictatorial and oppressive and do not respect the free will of other people. They fail to establish trust, and instead, they set a basis of fear to motivate people to obey.

Wow! I’ve given you just 3 of 7 frequency types. What astonishing insight Erwin Mcmanus brings to the table for developing leaders. If you can find yourself somewhere in these 7 types of frequencies, you can understand how to improve upon your strengths and curb those negative tendencies that pull you toward being self-serving.

We want you to harness those innate gifts and abilities and become that world-class communicator. We want to see you selflessly stand on those stages and share that powerful message or that business that will help people. We believe stages are the greatest way to grow your business and advance the reach of your message. However, without a proper understanding of communication and the best ways to connect with your audience, you message will not land as strong as it could.

To catch more of my interview with Erwin expounding on all 7 of these frequencies, watch the whole in the video episode attached.

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