Last week was absolutely amazing as we learned from a world-class communicator and my personal friend, Amy Porterfield. Amy shared several of her masterful secrets on how to use digital courses to build your business.

I believe that every business owner has a digital course within them, and these courses can be used as a powerful business card or positioning tool.

Many of you want to create that digital course for the purpose of selling it, but you can also create digital courses for the purposes of using them like a powerful business card or  positioning tool.

Whether you’re in a service-based business, a nonprofit, or a local brick-and- mortar business, you can give away something digital that helps make your potential customer’s life better or easier, and they will want to do business with you.

For those of you who do a lot of one-on-one or one-to-many, or service-based business, there is this component called fulfillment. This means you actually have to go out and deliver the program or the service you have promised. This takes a lot of time and energy, and sometimes you can’t avoid this. But a major benefit to creating a digital course is that you can sell them any time and the fulfillment has already been done.

Today I’m going to give you a shortcut and what I believe is a lead domino to get you started in your journey toward your first digital course, but first, let me give you one important piece of advice.

Remember that you don’t need to wait for perfection to take action! 

When I record my weekly Twitter show, Backstage with PV3, I’m literally on my laptop with ring lights, a whiteboard, and a marker. It just so happens that I am having a great studio built right now and it has the cool whiteboards and the backdrops and the multi-cameras. I’m so excited to use that studio! But I didn’t need to wait for that to be done until I began to produce this show. If I waited for it to be perfect, my audience wouldn’t have received the last 12 weeks of powerful content.

There’s no reason to wait for perfection when I can get my message out there and start helping people now.

Some of you guys need to take action today and not just let the ideas live in your minds while you wait for everything to be perfect.

So what is the lead domino? The lead domino in getting your digital course up and going is called your proprietary process.

Start by building your proprietary process

The proprietary process is so powerful. When I got started in my business, I began to ask myself a question that you may need to ask yourself as well.

What problem have you overcome that most people in this world are still facing? In what area are you a subject matter expert through what you have learned and experienced?

Do you know how to achieve a peaceful and powerful life?

Do you know how to hire and manage a team?

Do you know how to revive your brain or engage your creativity?

This thing doesn’t have to be emotional or deep. It can be anything.

STEP ONE: Get Clear

In order to develop your proprietary process, you must get clear on your message or on what it is that you have to share with the world.

STEP TWO: Name Your Process

Write everything down that you know about that topic. Write down what it is that you understand that other people don’t understand.

This may require that you spend time very intentionally looking through your experience.

For me, it became very clear that I knew how to get people on stages. I had experience on stages and I knew what they did for me. I was certain of what they could do for others. When it was all done, I was able to arrive at four major pieces of my proprietary process.

There are four things I do, and I do really well.

  • I help people become world-class communicators
  • I help people design their products and services that can change their world
  • I help people get on other people’s stages
  • I help people build their own stages

This right here is my proprietary process.

Here’s the power. I have four points in my process. For you, it could be three, four, or five. These points are your major categories. As you get clear, you’ll begin to add the rich content that you have to offer. You’ll add your expertise, your insights, and the lessons you’ve learned.

All you need to get started is a quick mini-course with an introduction, your main points with 20-30 minutes of training on each point, then a closing. And there you have your digital course! 

From here, you’re ready to continue to develop your signature course. In a mini course, you’re just going to talk about each one of your points at a high level. But when you move on to your granddaddy course, you’ll have subprocesses under your points. For example, I have loads of material and subprocesses to support each one of the four points I listed for you. I can do multiple workshops on each one of my points.

Here’s what I want you to see.

As soon as I got clear on my proprietary process, I didn’t just have my signature talk. I didn’t just create my digital courses. Once I had clarity, I also had all of the content for my workshops. Then I had all sorts of stages opened up to me. 

So when you get clear on your proprietary process, there is a lead domino effect.

When people buy into your process, they buy into your products and services. Many of the gurus and internet marketers out there actually have a large demand on them for fulfillment. They have to be at every workshop to deliver because people have bought into their personality rather than their process.

People don’t buy into my personality because I have such a clear and reproducible process. My process gets people results. What’s your proprietary process that will not only become a digital course, but will also lead you to your own workshops, podcasts, webinars, and stages?

I hope that you will take action on this lead domino.


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— Pete Vargas, III