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“I’m just one person, I don’t have a team around me…” “I’m not very good with technology.” “I’m always on the road and don’t have time…” These are actual quotes we’ve heard from speakers we’ve met on the road and at our own events. They are desperate to scale their message beyond the stage but don’t feel they have the resources or knowledge. Let me

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how to speak

How to Speak vs. How to Get PAID to Speak…

Breathe. Move around the stage. Stay loose. Connect with the audience. Speak up. I have seen a lot of speakers over the last 13 years. Some are really incredible and dynamic. Some are…OK (and some are flat out terrible). I have also met a lot of speaker coaches over the years. Everyone has their favorite speaker coach. I have mine, too, but I’m not going

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How I Built A Sales Team From Scratch

The phone was ringing incessantly… I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. 6:12 a.m. Who could be calling at 6:12 a.m.? I let it go to voicemail and rolled back over. Another call came at 6:31. And another at 6:45. Was this the new normal? My phone ringing around the clock? It was after 7 am in the Central time zone and people

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Why I Love Speakers (and Why I Always Will)…

I sat motionless. I knew that something had finally “clicked.” As the applause was dying down, I tried to discreetly wipe the tears that had pooled in my eyes. From my seat in the front row, I had the advantage of none of my students seeing how emotional I had become. I tried to gather myself before I turned to face them. I was in

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